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Gay Wedding 

The gay marriage has finally been approved here in Roman Catholic Italy. So now we can arrange the civil wedding for gay couples too.


We are very pleased with this and the first gay marriages have already taken place in our city Città della Pieve.


Previously, we could only arrange a symbolic ceremony, but from May 2016 a civil marriage can also take place.


Here in Città della Pieve we have a beautiful Palazzo where the wedding can take place.

But if you only want a symbolic ceremony in our olive grove we can arrange this as well.


Or what most couples choose. They first have a civil marriage in the Palazzo and at the end of the day, just before the sunset, they hold a symbolic ceremony in the olive grove.

Here, for example, the rings can be exchanged and / or the vows can be pronounced.

It is all possible, it is what you choose. Because after all it is your love for each other.